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I must say that as a journalism graduate and a single mom of two, I thought I’d never find a job that would allow me to spend ample time with my kids and make a decent living from home. Well, not until I came here. It’s nice to feel relevant again.

Ellie New Hampshire, USA

I guess now one could say I am finally fulfilling my childhood dream. All thanks to this place. I’ve joined only recently but I’m already on my twentieth project. Life’s great.

Owen Los Angeles County, USA

Hi, my name is Dominic. Nearly two years have passed since I signed up here, and things have gone next-level for me since then. For one, I have built my own client base. Secondly, I write on my most favorite subject (Art). And lastly, I have a side income to lean on.

Dominic The State of Washington, USA

Hello. I’ve always wanted to find somewhere where I could apply my passion for writing (because I think I’m quite good), and I’ve often lamented my skills were not fully utilized. So glad I ran into this agency.

Gavin New Jersey, USA

I started working here some three months ago. Well, this job does have many perks. You get to plan your own time, pick projects that you like. I think it is probably the best option for homebodies, downshifters or avid travelers like me. Cheers from Greece.

Christian Born in Maryland, USA


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Freelance writing jobs for academic and business writers

WriteZillas.com - the place where you can find a Freelance writing job! Apply today. Enjoy Tomorrow. With the vast amounts of workload that students and professionals have piling up in front of them, a new source of income and avenue to assist others has opened up wider than ever before in the form of writing jobs. The current state of our economic affairs states that jobs are on virtual 'lock down', yet that is just not true when it comes to the needs of academic students and professionals globally. WriteZillas, a premier hub for writers to find writing jobs, is a growing leader in providing freelance writing job solutions to those with a knack for writing, and have the drive to succeed as a team.

Benefits of Writezillas freelance writing job

Many benefits exist when you apply for writing jobs with us. First of all, whereas most people have a set 40 hour a week schedule, we offer flexible work hours to meet both our needs in terms of open projects, and to meet your needs in terms of family and home life. Most other companies on the web pay 2-5 dollars for an article or even an essay, which cheats you out of your talents. At WriteZillas, we provide top grade writing jobs that pay up to $15 a page. That is an outstanding chunk of money for your writing efforts and well-deserved time. Another more important benefit of choosing us is the fact that we pay on time, every time, at a rate of twice a month. It is easy to see why many people have chosen us to employ their writing skills, and we are inviting you to apply for our open writing jobs, too.

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Our writing jobs application requires you to pay nothing up front, unlike other organizations. If you have the ability to conduct deep research, have top notch English writing and speaking skills, and have the uncanny ability to pluck original ideas out of virtually nothing, we are looking for you! You'll have the opportunity to work on college and university level projects as well as challenging graduate school assignments, and most of all, be a part of a team environment where you can openly share your ideas, implement strategies with us, and grow into a well-known writing source within our ranks. If you are ready for a challenging writing environment and have the willingness to keep an open mind, WriteZillas encourages you to grab a pen and head on over to our website and apply today!

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