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Freelance History Writing Jobs

Are you interested in history? Perhaps you have a degree in history, or even a Masters or PhD in a specialized aspect of it. These are all great in their own right, because history is a fascinating subject and it's also important that we understand it - as a wise man once said, "He who knows nothing of history knows nothing." History is more than that though - it can also be profitable, because there are a lot of history writing jobs that need done and if you're interested in the subject you could be perfectly qualified.

So what sort of jobs are available? More than you might think. Museums often need short papers produced, and while many of these are written by curators many more are written by freelance writers. You might not fancy writing a book, but there is a lot of potential for contributing material to books being written by others. Local historical societies are always keen to have professionally written material for their newsletters, creating a large market. Of course one of the biggest markets is in academic writing - many students need help with essays or even dissertations about history subjects, and this means that writers for history papers are always in demand. At WriteZillas.com we handle all types of writing jobs, so we have a "History writers wanted" sign permanently on display!

History Writer Jobs Available

If you're interested in history and have a gift for writing we have plenty of work you can do. You don't need to have a degree in history, either; as long as you're keen on it and can write that will do fine. Of course if you do have a degree you'll be familiar with how to write an academic paper on the subject, so there will be more jobs you'll feel confident about taking on, but it's really not essential.

So, you're interested in earning some money writing about history. Why should you sign up with WriteZillas.com? Well, first of all, unlike many other writing services signing up with us is free. We give all our writers 24/7 support to make their jobs as easy as possible. We also ensure that working for us is flexible and rewarding:

Freelance writing can be stressful, but it can also be great fun. At WriteZillas.com we take away the stress but leave the fun; what's not to like?


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