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If you have a talent for writing the internet has opened up a lot of new opportunities to make some money and indulge your skills at the same time. There are now hundreds of websites offering work for dissertation writers, and it can work out very well if you find one that suits you. On the other hand it can also be a huge disappointment; many people have found themselves doing a lot of work for very little money, and even sometimes no money at all.

Of course there are plenty of doctoral writing jobs available and work at this level deserves - and gets - decent payment. The question is who the payment ends up going to. Many dissertation writers put in hard work and produce good quality material, only to see the bulk of the money going to the writing service. Of course a writing service earns a share of the fee by putting writers in touch with customers, but it's only fair that the bulk of the money goes to the person who does most of the work!

A lot of the demand for academic writing comes from high school students and people studying for undergraduate degrees. Of course this is work that needs a good writer, but it doesn't need the skills needed for PhD writing jobs or other papers at the graduate degree level. At WriteZillas.com we believe in compensating people in a way that matches their skills, and that's why we've put together a great package for freelance writers. We're looking to attract the best freelancers to help us deliver high quality dissertations to our clients. Of course we realise that to get the best writers we need to offer the best benefits, so that's exactly what we've tried to do. If you decide to write for us this is what you get:

Personally we think that, if you're looking for a freelance PhD job, you'll be best off working with us. Our system lets you work when it's convenient for you and choose the jobs you find interesting, and makes sure you get properly rewarded for what you do. We take rewarding our writers very seriously, too, so you can be sure you'll get paid on the designated days. One of the most common complaints we hear from writers is that too many writing services pay late, dispute payments or don't pay at all. We don't think that's acceptable.

There are always PhD writers wanted online, but they're not always valued. That's why so many great freelance writers give up on working over the internet; after trying several writing services, and suffering a string of bad experiences, they get disillusioned. That's unfortunate, because online work has a lot to offer. Try signing up with WriteZillas.com and see how it should be done!


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