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Graduate Writing Jobs - Get Cash for your skills

Have you considered looking at freelance jobs for graduates? If not perhaps you should. Earning a graduate degree can be a big help in your career, but often it takes a while before your new qualification translates into increased earnings. In fact with the current economic downturn it can be difficult even to find a job; there are many people with good Masters degrees and doctorates who can't find a suitable position just now. You might be working in a job that doesn't use your degree, or even not working at all, while you keep looking for a career opening that suits you. This can get depressing, and of course it can mean money is tight too.

Why not look at some ways you can increase your earnings while making use of a skill you perfected during your studies? No matter what your degree is in, you've learned a skill that's very much in demand - writing. A quick search online and you'll find hundreds of graduate writing jobs, and you can do them. All the experience you've gained by writing dissertations is marketable and hiring it out can be very well rewarded. For example at WriteZillas.com we pay our dissertation writers up to $15 per page.

What sort of graduate writing jobs are available? Well, pretty much anything you want. If you enjoy a gamble you can dive straight into the world of general freelance writing, but that has pitfalls; you'll find some extremely aggressive competition that can drive rates down very low. Instead it makes more sense to capitalize on your existing skills. If you've got a degree - especially an advanced one, such as a Masters or PhD - you'll be familiar with academic writing. We can make use of your experience. We can also offer you some outstanding benefits that you certainly won't get as a freelancer fighting for jobs writing web copy; here are a few:

As academic writing specialists we have a huge potential market and we need good writers to help us meet the demand. A place on our team is the ideal writing job for graduate students. Get in touch with us today and find out how you can turn your college experience into earnings!

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