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Are you a freelancer? Is your experience firmly grounded a solid understanding of what goes into freelance technical writing jobs? Do you come prepared to deliver high-ethical research and redaction services to clients across a range of academic and business-oriented fields? If you’ve nodded the affirmative to any of these inquiries, then it greatly behooves you to read on.

Writers wanted: WriteZillas.com has top-rated remote technical writing jobs available

We have literally hundreds of projects that are currently live on our platform from payment-verified clients, just waiting to be scooped up by qualified professionals. That could be you. We are WriteZillas.com, and our business is principally online academic writing, which extends into all fields. Law, engineering, business—you name it, and we will have a story to tell about a successful project we undertook for a client in that very area. Freelance technical writing jobs are serious business because clients expect high quality. That’s why we are always searching for new and established talent that can bring a good reputation to bear.

The work pays well, and it doesn’t dry up

Are you an expert in a given field? Can you compose detailed and correct legal copy, or are you better suited to scientific papers? With us, you can do it all. You can even apply to be primarily an editor for us. Any way you swing it, the key piece of takeaway information is that we have technical writing jobs online of all kinds, and they show no sign of slowing. We pay well, and we pay on time. One thing we’ve learned over the years of establishing and growing this business is that writers will give us their best when we treat them with respect and dignity, and we always have. Intrinsically, that means that you work for us as ad hoc independent contractors. Once we hire you, you’ll be granted access to the job board, where you can choose from many projects in your defined area of expertise. If you want access to high-paying online technical writing jobs, you’ve found your company.

3 rules for success

So we invite you to apply with us. Here are three tidbits of information that will help you in the application process:

  • Show us what you know: We require a sample if you want remote technical writer jobs with us. Show us you can conduct research.
  • Come with experience: We hire people who are serious, and your CV goes a long way in proving your experience.
  • Be accurate, but kind: We’ll want to chat via phone interview. Since you’ll work directly with clients, we want to make sure you’re personable and fair in communication.

That’s all there is to it. Get in touch with us—technical writing freelance jobs are waiting for you.