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Originally dubbed by Sir Walter Scott two centuries ago, the word 'free-lance' was used to describe a person that would work or perform duties as a medieval mercenary, not pledging his allegiance to any one give 'Lord' or fief. As the word evolved into our dictionaries, people started to take that same concept to freelance writing, which deploys the same methodology when it comes to written works. Now into its second century of use, we well understand that a freelance writing specialist is a person we can turn to when any kind of technical or simplistic writing assignment arises, knowing that once the job is done, it will be done right the first time, while the writer will take their wage and ride off into the sunset, off to the next freelance writing assignment.

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We are a full service freelance writing employer that takes pride in the freelancers bring on. Since we have a work load of variant proportions, our writers will have the opportunity to use their specific skill sets to write various academically-related assignments and have the opportunity to earn an excellent wage while doing so. Since we only assign projects that relate to your given experience and talents, you can be assured that you will never be asked to write an assignment that doesn't fit you. You can now put down the classified section of the paper and quit browsing through websites that offer empty promises instead of filling you with assignments; your freelance writing source is right before your eyes, and if you seek a 24/7 support team by your side to assist you in anyway, WriteZillas is your logical choice of employment.

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Most people are looking for freelance writing jobs that they can do from home, hence alleviating the need for a dull 9-5 schedule. Since we offer you the flexibility to choose your own work hours, it is evident that we have your interests at heart when it comes to assigning you an academic piece to fulfill. If you add that to our total confidentiality guarantee and our on time payment structure, the choice is clear that Academic Writers Online has streamlined and perfected the freelance writing world, all in one convenient place. Grab your laptop, arm yourself with the desire to succeed, and bring your top-notch English writing skills to the table; we are hiring now and want to have a talented freelance writing specialist like you on our team!