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Finding Freelancing Jobs in USA and Standing a Chance to Get Them

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Freelance writing is becoming more and more popular, especially in the USA. Companies have begun to realize that freelancers can help them with content writing and blog writing jobs at a fraction of the cost an onsite writer would charge. Also, the tax burden is eased for companies who choose to work with freelance writers.

Companies in the US take advantage of the sometimes exceptional services of home-based freelancers and use them for everything from writing articles for marketing purposes to maintaining their business blogs. There are many CEOs who already employ freelance writers to write for their blogs. Why? Because these people don’t have the time to maintain a blog; they are busy leading a multimillion dollar business.

This is why freelancing jobs in USA are some of the most sought after jobs in the freelance world. Not only is the demand for experienced writers huge, but also companies in the United States are able to pay a lot more per 100 words than companies in the rest of the world. Freelancers of all nationalities try to find American clients because they know that these clients pay well in most cases. Also, US businesses make great clients for freelancers because these clients rarely don’t pay on time or attempt to scam the contractor. Americans are known to be trustworthy and it is always a pleasure doing business with most of them.

You Must Be a Trustworthy Freelance Writer – With Several Other Skills As Well

Just like American business owners are trustworthy for the most part, you should be too. American clients are not very demanding, but they emphasize deadlines and quality of work. A US employer will appreciate freelancers who deliver the work on time and who consistently submit high quality content. This is why you need to be very careful not to miss your deadlines.

Also, Americans greatly appreciate a freelance writer’s communication skills. If something happens and you can’t submit the work on time, you should let the client know right away. In most cases, they will understand the issues and will give you more time. They will appreciate your willingness to provide updates and the fact that you let them know as soon as a problem appeared.

It goes without saying that you must know how to write in perfect English and have a well-developed vocabulary. If you don’t, work on it before you attempt to write content for native English speakers. Most US clients pay very well, but they will not tolerate spelling and grammar mistakes. They won’t waste time proofreading and editing your submissions either.

Last but not least, US clients appreciate freelancers who can follow directions and write content according to very specific requirements. These people don’t have time to babysit their freelancers, so you must be a fast learner and be able to follow instructions to the letter.

Where to Find Freelance Projects in USA?

Finding freelance writing jobs in the United States is not difficult at all, if you have the skills to work for American business owners. Thousands of new jobs are posted on various websites on the Internet daily. Many US employers post their job openings on Craigslist, as well as on specialist websites like Indeed.com. Writers who specialize in blog writing can easily find gigs on BloggingPro.com (updated daily), ProBlogger.net and Writezillas.com.

If you are more interested in bidding on projects, you can try the largest global freelancing platform: Upwork.com. Guru.com is also a good option for finding projects posted by US clients. Remember that you will compete with dozens – even hundreds, in some cases – with other freelancers for the well-paying jobs posted by US clients.

Finding freelance writing jobs in USA is not that difficult, as you can see. However, getting the job is much more difficult. This is why you need to work on your writing skills and on your website and portfolio. American clients are very careful who they pick to work for them, so you need to be an exceptional freelance writer if you want to compete with all the other freelancers.


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