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Cathy (FL): I have been fortunate enough to be a freelance writer for WriteZillas for nearly 2 years; it is without a doubt the best possible situation under which I can work in order to meet my specific professional or financial needs. In addition to providing me with an extra income, there is a wide range of assignments to choose from, and most importantly, a wonderful staff to work with. My writing skills have only increased, and I have learned so much by researching the subject about which I am writing. The staff at this company is extremely responsive so that every time I have a question or concern, they are either available or online to address it promptly. What a godsend to be able to do what one loves to do, get paid for it, and work with lovely people!
Fazal (NY): I have been with WriteZillas since 2011 and have enjoyed my time. I have complete freedom to write on subjects and I always get paid on time. Thus, I not only enjoy my work but also have great flexibility. I hope to continue working with this firm for many years to come!
Dawn (CA): I have been writing for WriteZillas since April 2012 and have enjoyed working with the staff and assisting clients with their academic needs. I have found that there is always a wide variety of assignments available that cover topics within my scope of knowledge. The variety of topics requested often allows me to challenge myself in researching other areas in which I normally would not be exposed. Therefore, for me, I am continually learning something new. Compensation has never been an issue with WriteZillas as they always pay in a timely manner. This removes the concern that many freelance writers encounter when worrying if they will be paid for their time and effort.
Dannett (NJ): I started with this company a little more than a month ago. I was surprised by how easy it was to apply for an order and receive one as a new writer. I have a steady amount of orders to work on and enjoy the support I receive from the company. I have worked with a number of other companies and find this one to be superior to the others. The website is easy to use, the payment for completed orders quick and easy, I could continue, but I may never stop thinking of all the great things this site offers its writers. I truly love this company!
Johannes (NE): Working with WriteZillas has been easy and convenient – in fact, one of the most pleasant working conditions I've ever experienced. The support staff is courteous, flexible, and will work with you when help is required. The company has a very professional mindset, and I have never experienced any problems in terms of any part of the writing process. I would recommend this company to anyone who is starting out writing or needs an extra source of income.

Jack (KY): In all honesty, and having been with WriteZillas for...well, years now, I can say outright that it makes for a very, very desirable working experience. There is freedom to take on the jobs you want, there is respect for the work you do, there is fast and friendly response if any issue arises, and there is consistently prompt payment. I will be glad to edit these words if I can remember any time I had a problem here. I don't see that editing coming any time soon, however, if at all.
John (TX): As an academic and business freelance writer with over 10 years in the industry, I consider myself knowledgeable enough to judge whether a writing company is worth working with or not. WriteZillas (what a lovely name for a writing website) can definitely be trusted. My payment has not been postponed even once – that’s something that happened to me all the time while working for other freelance writing portals. There is always enough work for all of our writing team – and that’s around 100 people. What I enjoy the most are the support team members behind this site. You can actually communicate with them – they are no robots who only care about orders, instructions and money. If you are a prolific writer or a talented editor, WriteZillas is a company you should definitely consider applying to.

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