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Freelance Writing Jobs for Legal Writers

There are lots of jokes about the legal profession and how much it costs to have a letter written by an attorney. Well, here's something even funnier; attorneys very rarely write letters. In fact most of the writing done in a law firm is done by paralegals and office staff. Every day they produce letters, briefing notes and, now, posts on legal blogs. There is a huge variety of legal writing jobs, and to save on staff costs many law firms have now started to look online to get them done.

You might be thinking that any sort of law writing job needs to be done by someone with at least basic knowledge of the legal industry, but actually that's not so. If you have a talent for writing and an ability to learn quickly you can very quickly start to turn out high quality legal writing, and you'll soon realize that it can pay very well. At WriteZillas.com many of our writers regularly earn up to $15 a page, and you could be doing that too. All it takes is enthusiasm and writing ability.

There are various ways to find legal writing jobs online, including crowd sourcing sites, but working this way can be a very hit and miss way to do it. By choosing to work with WriteZillas.com you'll be gaining access to our established client base and outstanding support services, so you won't have to waste effort finding work; we'll do that for you. All you have to do is choose the jobs you'd like to work on and get started!

Among the benefits of working with WriteZillas.com are guaranteed payment, flexibility and excellent rates. This is what you get from us:

Regular payments: As an independent freelancer you can spend a lot of time chasing payment from clients, and you won't always get it. WriteZillas.com pay promptly twice a month, so you're guaranteed your money.

Choose your own hours: There aren't any hours we expect you to be at your keyboard. Work when it suits you; as long as you meet your deadlines everyone's happy.

Competitive rates: Very few independent writers are making $15 a page. At WriteZillas.com we can negotiate those sort of rates and pass them on to you.

If you fancy a law papers writing job, try WriteZillas.com. We offer the best way to get started as a freelance writer, and we're confident you'll like our package so much you'll want to stay with us. Why not get started today?